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Succulents FAQs

How do you package the succulents for shipping?

We carefully package all succulents to ensure they arrive healthy and happy. All shipments are packed by hand and use recyclable materials whenever possible. The plants are protected with recyclable tissue paper, crinkle paper, 100% biodegradable packing peanuts, and if needed, double boxed in recyclable cardboard boxes to protect them. All shipments are labelled as fragile.

How long will it take before my order gets shipped?

We typically ship orders on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, unless otherwise specified in our announcement. Processing times are as follows: individual gifts: 2-3 days 1-20 succulent favors: 2-3 days 21-40 succulent favors: 1 week 40+ favors: 1-2 weeks Corporate gifting: please contact us for details.

Are care instructions included?

Basic care instructions are included with each item. For more detailed care instructions, please refer to our Care Guide. We highly recommend opening and unpacking the shipping box on arrival to ensure the succulents get some light and look their best.

Can I pick-up my order?

If you live in San Diego or Orange County, you can also pick-up your order. This option is available at checkout.

Do you ship succulents year-round?

Yes, we ship year-round from sunny Southern California.

I entered the wrong shipping address; can I still change it?

No problem, just email us asap with your order number and we'll update it.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We cannot ship any of our live succulent products out of the US due to agricultural restrictions.

Can you ship in the winter, or when temperatures are below 32F?

Yes, succulents survive shipping in freezing temperatures with the addition of a heat pack. Most succulents are hardy only to 40-45 degrees and will not recover from being frozen. A heating pack will help to keep them warm during transit.

Make sure to purchase 1 heat pack per shipment and please try to be home when your order arrives to minimize exposure to freezing temperatures. The heat pack is cheap and a great investment to make sure your plants arrive happy.

NOTE: If extreme weather conditions are expected in your delivery location, please let us know so we can delay shipment if needed.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

Please send us photos of the damaged items and/or shipping box immediately so we can investigate what went wrong. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please let us know! We will do everything we can to make things right!

Can I delay my shipment for a specific date?

Absolutely! In the notes section at checkout, please let us know your preferred date for delivery and we’ll hold the order accordingly. Forgot to include the note? No worries, email us with your order number and let us know when you would like it to arrive.

Should I get the succulent favors shipped to me a few weeks/months early so they can grow?

Our advice: focus on all the other event details, leave the growing and care to us!
You certainly can, however our favors already fill the pail at the time of shipment and are ready for gifting. Some sellers have very tiny succulents for their favors, we don’t, they are ready to gift to your guests.
We typically ship favors 7-10 days before an event, to arrive 3-4 days before the event. If you'd like to receive your order sooner, please let us know your preferred date for delivery.

Can I pre-order for an event?

Absolutely! In the notes section at checkout, please include your event date. We will ship your order 7-10 days before your event, to arrive 3-4 days before your event. If you'd like to receive your order sooner, please let us know your preferred date for delivery. You can also email us with your order number and requested date for shipping.

I would like to order favors for a future event, but don’t know the exact quantity yet.

We know it’s hard to predict how many favors will be needed for an event or shower. We recommend ordering a quantity close to what you think you will need so we can reserve them for you. We can adjust your order closer to your event if needed, just let us know.

I would like to ship to multiple addresses, how do I do this?

Please email us with the items(s) you would like to send and a list of addresses (excel file if possible). We'll send you 1 link to order all at once and will send you a list of tracking numbers once shipped. If preferred, you can also place separate orders for each item individually.

Can you provide (a large number of) gifts for corporate events, clients or employees?

Yes, we would love to work with you! We can do any size up to 500 gifts (depending on type of gift), and can ship them directly to your clients, customers or employees. We can include your flyers, marketing materials or other products as well - contact us with your requests and budget details and we'll take care of the rest. Corporate gifts can be found here.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, we can ship all gifts directly to your friends, clients, customers, or employees and can also include personalized cards, any flyers, marketing materials or other products. Contact us with your request(s) and budget details and we'll take care of the rest.

Are the succulents real?

Yes, they are!! We only ship living succulents, no faux succulents here.

Can I select exact plants / colors?

For some products, you can select a specific succulent at checkout. For favors you can select all green succulents (typically Echeveria ramilette, Echeveria lime and chili) or a variety of succulents with a mixture of green, blue and pink tones (Echeveria ramilette, Echeveria lola, Echeveria lime and chili, Echeveria minima, Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg etc.) For most products, we choose the succulents for you based on current inventory, but always something similar to what’s shown in the product pictures.

Where are you located and are you open to the public?

We are located in sunny Oceanside, CA (north San Diego county) and ship all over the US. Our nursery is not open to the public, but we do offer local order pick-up at checkout.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do not offer wholesale at this time.

How do I care for the succulents after I receive them?

We highly recommend opening and unpacking the shipping box on arrival to ensure the succulents get some light and look their best; succulents need natural light to maintain their beautiful color and shape! Place your succulents near a window or outside (if not too cold) where they will get 4-5 hours of indirect sunlight daily. For more detailed care instructions, please refer to our Care guide.

How often should I water my succulents?

Do NOT overwater your plants...they will most definitely die. They need a good and thorough drink of water all the way through and then nothing until the soil is completely dry. Water only when the soil is dry! Don’t water if the soil is wet! If it takes 2 weeks for the soil to dry, then water in 2 weeks. If it takes 2 days for the soil to dry, then you can water in 2 days! Do NOT mist or use a spray bottle to water, this can cause rot, fungal and burned leaf issues. A watering can works best!

What happens if I overwater my plants?

Overwatered plants are soft and may be discolored. The leaves may be yellow or white and lose their color. A plant in this condition may be beyond repair, but you can still remove it from its pot and inspect the roots. If they are brown and rotted, cut away dead roots, let them dry completely and repot into fresh, dry potting media. Overwatering and root rot are the #1 killer of succulents!! they prefer being under watered vs. over watered!!

What happens if I underwater my plants?

An underwatered plant will first stop growing, then begin to drop leaves. A good drink will definitely make them happy. For specific information for your location, tips and tricks, reach out to your local Cactus & Succulent Society/Club, they are there to help and would love to share what they’ve learned over the years.